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Controllers of distant handling "DOZA" (single-channel, double-channel, RS-485, multi-channel) series.
"DOZA" single-channel"DOZA" multi-channel
"DOZA- Terminal" computer system of FDS (fuel distributing station) control.
Computer system
"GROM" complex of loud-speaking communication.


  We, the first in the country, offered to use cash apparatus in the mode of automatic printing the cheques to our consumers. At present the controllers work as the part of cash system of FDS with such cash apparatuses as "Samsung ER-4615RF" (with PTS-4615), "Samsung ER-250RF " (with PTS-4615), "AMS-100F" (with US-01), "Elves-Micro-F", "Elves-01-03 F" and "PRIM-07F", "Elves-Mini-FR-F", "Shtrikh-FR-F" fiscal register. Cash apparats


Being a business partner of "Novitekh" NTF Ltd, fabricator of the most widespread "Struna-M" system of measuring parameters of petroleum products, we produce assembly and start, adjustment and alignment of reservoir equipment.

"Struna - M"


Also being official dealer of "AZT" JS Co (Serpukhov) and "AZT" NPP Ltd. (Serpukhov), "AZS-DOZA-SERVICE" service center offers its services on sale, warranty maintenance and servicing FDSs and reservoir equipment.


"ADS" enterprise guarantees supply of:

Certificates and decision on explosion hazard for all the delivered equipment

Conducts training and retraining of service staff (including FDS)

Training of service staff

Warranty maintenance and servicing FDSs and reservoir equipment

Steady support of software
Spare parts delivery on all sorts of equipment and specialized literature
Assembly, start, adjustment and alignment of delivered equipment
Technological and construction engineering, including supervision of conducted construction works


The works are conducted acc. to specified technical task "For key".

For more detailed data in equipment set and conducting works at FDS it is necessary to carry out analysis of FDSs, i.e. our specialists should visit them.