Computer system of FDS control

"AZS-Doza-Service" enterprise offers complex solution of petrol (gas) filling complex automatization.

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  "Doza-Terminal" system is intended for automatization of processes of accounting, receipt, release, storage of petroleum products at FDS (fuel distributing station), accumulation of information from peripheral devices on FDS equipment condition (reservoirs, FDCs (fuel distributing column), etc.).

  "Doza-Terminal" allows to carry out cash and cashless payment for petroleum products, goods and service at FDS, to provide mode of automatized release of petroleum products without operator's participation with "Petrol+" systems of "NKT" firm and "Likard" of "LUKOIL" oil company.
  The system is being successfully exploited starting from 1996 in the towns of Izhevsk, Sarapul, Tolyatti, Vologda, Cherepovets. The latest versions are installed and operate in Irkutsk, Chita and other cities

"Doza-Terminal" profitably differs from analogous systems by its potentiality of step-by-step transit from computerless techniques of FDS handling system of CCM-kind - "Doza U.21" controller to inexpensive computer handling system with "Doza U.21" controllers and more expensive version with heightened reliability multichannel controller based on programmed logic CQM1H controller of "OMRON Manufacturing BV" Japanese firm. (Certificate of conformity .RU.0001.21M48)

Computer system of FDShandling gives the opportunity:

Main characteristics:

Number of served FDC
to 16
Number of posts for multiproduct FDCs
to 64
Number of shifts saved in the files
to 100
Number of working places
Number of access levels
Number of kinds of payment for PP (petroleum products)
Number of kinds of payment for goods
Time of serving one customer with filling dose to 30 litres
to 1 min
Number of customers being served during 1 hour at one FDC
to 60
Number of controlled reservoirs
to 16

Additional potentialities:


  AZS"Doza-Terminal" system was created as alternative to autonomous FDC control panel, as main direction, while elaborating, was chosen heightened reliability of work, smooth transit from autonomous controlling systems to total FDS automatization.
  To provide continuous FDS work what was done earlier, by using fast change of control panels, they have chosen as multichannel controller, exclusively reliable industrial controller of "Omron" Japanese firm, exploiting experience at FDS in Sarapul has shown exclusive reliability in complicated weather conditions, no one failure during six years of exploitation.
  Acc. to GMEK (State Joint Commission of Experts) decisions on cash apparatus exploitation at FDS, "Doza-Terminal" program is essentially re-made and now it allows to work on "Samsung" CCM protocols with autonomous "Doza-U.21" controllers, permitting easily to automatize operator's work at FDSs without changing the controllers of FDC handling, in this case uninterrupted work of FDS is carried out by connecting reserve controllers of handling.
  The operator's workspaceWidely adopted methods of cashless payment led to heightened amount of work of FDS operators, "Doza-Terminal" handling FDS system enables to automize work with card systems using equipment of "NKT" firm ("Petrol+" cards) and of "Licard" cards.
  Application of external card terminals enables to reduce amount of operator's work and create operatorless posts of petroleum product release.
  To attract customers, FDSs owners can use advertising, "Doza-Terminal" handling FDS system enables to conduct lotteries and use discount cards with discounts for steady customers. They support "Petrol+", the latest version of work with cards of loyalty, which enable to use accumulating discounts with cash payment.
  "Doza-Terminal" supports mass accounting in kilogrammes what enables to carry out correct accounting of realized from storage, petroleum products at presence of density sensor and receive report in kilogrammes.


Technical description:

The system itself presents a complex of programme-hardware-controlled means, the central part of wich is IBM - compatible computer. Operating system Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, as well as "Doza-Terminal" programm should be installed on the computer.

To computer, by means of sequenced ports, are connected the following external devices:

Handling system enables: