Examples of windows for "Doza-Terminal" programme.

After entering the system there will appear working screen, where main elements of control are concentrated. Information panel is located in the upper part of screen. Current time and date are displayed on it, and also the name of enterprise. In lower and right parts of screen, panels of instruments are located. Access to functions of the system is carried out by pressing corresponding button using mouse or functional key on the keyboard. Key names are given next to the functions names.


Main wndow

System's main window


Brief description of functions

"Adjustments" opens access to means of adjusting parameters of the system.
"Change of operator" - enables to change operator without finishing the shift.
"Emergency exit" - in case of emergency the system completes the operations and carries out shut-down of the system. Open shift is not being closed by all that. Repeated set-up of the system will continue unfinished shift.
"End of the shift" - pressing this button leads to finish of current shift. The system will display windows with information on columns, cash apparatus and reservoirs for operator's indexes control and also shift report.
"Customers" - displays information on FDS (fuel distributing station) customers having agreements with FDS enterprise.
"Columns and "Reservoirs" - are aimed to viewing information on columns and reservoirs.
"Files" - enables to view files of the transactions and mistakes and other information on previous shifts.
"Shop" and "Warehouse" - are aimed to control trade system.
"Report" forms intermediate and shift reports.
"Cash apparatus" opens the window of cash apparatus. There one can view information on motion of cash money and produce operations of encashment, introduction and withdrawal of money funds and also return of the fuel, released through FDC.


Examples of information windows

Window "Information of columns"

In "Information of columns" window is displayed the current condition of the columns:

Data of counting mechanizmuses for the beginning of the shift and current one
Petroleum products consumption acc. to kinds of payment: for cash, on credit, on list and for coupons, and also consumption on technological bulk

Available operation in this window:

Technological bulk and run.
Correction of data on gauges at the beginning and end of the shift.


Window "Information of reservoirs"

In "Information of reservoirs" window is displayed the current condition of reservoirs:

Brand of fuel filled into reservoir.
The reminder of petroleum products for the beginning of current shift.
Quantity of fuel filled into reservoir.
The current reminder. It is calculated as the sum of reminder for the beginning of the shift and receipt minus consumption.
Data of "Struna" level gauge or analogous device.
List of fuel receipt to reservoirs during the shift.

Available operation in this window:

Defueling of tank truck.
Receipt of data from reservoir equipment (for example, "Struna" level gauge or other analogous device).