"Struna-M" system of measuring parameters of petroleum products

"Struna-M" system of measuring parameters of petroleum product

"Struna-M"a hundred of the best Russian goods

  "Struna-M" level gauge is a system of automatized measuring of parameters of light petroleum products at receipt, storage and operative control of reservoir park of FDS (fuel distributing station), besides, it carries out protective function.

  Is aimed for measuring level, temperature, calculating of volume and density of light petroleum products, signalization of water presence underneath in FDS (fuel distributing station) reservoirs of stationary and container type, carrying out functions of environment protection, handling power chains of actuating mechanismuses.

  Has a certificate of State Standard of RF on level gauge and is registered in state register of measuring means under number 14182-94, has "Spark-proof electric circuit" explosion shielding.
The device of measuring level has patent of RF.


Cost of "Struna-M" level gauge set depending on design variant of PTL (primary transformation level) and quantity of reservoirs

Quantity of reservoirs
Variant I PTL with sensors of To (temperature
Variant I PTL with sensors of To and density
1 700
1 825
2 300
2 550
2 900
3 275
3 500
4 000
4 725
4 700
5 450
5 300
6 175
5 900
6 900

  Cost of one set of level gauge is determined from summary cost of central part (blocks BP, BR, BS, BI, interblock and ED), peripheral part (PTL acc. to design variant) and additional service )acc. to customer's wish).

Cost of central part 1 100
Cost of PTL with sensors of level, water, temperature 600
Cost of PTL with sensors of level, water, temperature, density 725

Additional services:

"Struna - " 250
Handling channels of switching-off pumps 280
Switching-on light/sound signalization (for 1 channel) 50
Installation of output to PC of external system via RS-232C 65
Cable of communication MKESh 7x0.35 (for 1 metre) 0,5
Introduction of graduated table (for one table) 16
Putting into operation (from total sum) 15%

All the prices are indicated in conventional units (1 c.u. =1 USA dollar) accounting value-added tax but without accounting transporting expenses of 4% from the cost.